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Terms of Use

Our website was designed as a one-stop shop on Cook County property taxes. First and foremost, visitors can use our algorithmic calculator to assess their potential for savings. Setting our legal staff to work on an appeal is, from there, a matter of a few clicks. The website also features a wealth of news and analysis on the relevant issues affecting property owners’ bills. Our hope is that visitors may find this website a useful means not only to educate and inform themselves but also exercise financial self-defense against rising Cook County property taxes.

Estimate of Savings not Legal Advice

The information this website disseminates on prospective tax savings should not be construed as legal advice. Visiting this page and using the calculator does not constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. What users receive is a professional opinion, based on current assessment data, which may lack context or relevant information unknown to us.

Limitation of Liability

Property Tax Solutions will under no circumstances take responsibility nor be liable for any actions taken or not taken based on the contents of this website. While we spare no effort in keeping this website up and running properly, we similarly disclaim all liability of temporary interruptions in service due to technical issues beyond our control. The nature of the firm’s business relates solely to Cook County and we therefore categorically reject any grievance claimed by users outside this jurisdiction.

Any link to another website provided at this domain has been provided for informational purposes and does not in every case signify endorsement. In no case does a link appearing here indicate a financial relationship.

Copyright Protection

The material contained at this domain is owned by or licensed to Property Tax Solutions. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to design, layout, appearance, charts, graphics, and news articles. Reproduction, distribution, republication or plagiarization of content without express written approval of Property Tax Solutions is strictly prohibited.

Cookies/Privacy/Your Data

Like most websites today, we use cookies. These provide us information such as the web domain that referred you to us, the device and operating system you used while browsing, the date and time of your visit, how you used the website (known as ‘clickstream’ data), and other technological details which can help us analyze trends and fix bugs.

Your personal information includes your name, street address, telephone numbers, date of birth, email address, location, IP address, and any other identifying information about you or your property. Under no circumstances do we share your personal information with any third parties whatsoever. This website is a resource for taxpayers and a business tool for our law firm. We have no sponsors and do not feature advertisements. Your privacy is 100% protected and respected at this domain.