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Triennial Reassessments of Palatine and Maine Townships complete ... Appeal deadlines are September 23rd and October 7th

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Residential property values show average increases of 30 percent or better since the Assessor first took his pen to Northern Cook County assessments last month. 

Here's a look at all the Cook County Assessor's Office's proposed 2021 Triennial Reassessment valuation increases for city of Chicago property.

The blame game is underway as County officials signaled a six-month-or-longer delay in the delivery of Second Installment 2021 tax bills.

Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas this week announced her Office had mailed out 1.8 million First Installment 2021 property tax bills with a due date of March 1. 

If we were fact-checkers, we'd give the "no new tax" claim at least a few Pinocchios.