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2023 Triennial Reassessment underway, with 30 to 50% average assessment increases so far. We update our data live as soon as the Assessor's data comes online, so keep checking for savings!

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An Axios reporter last week wrote an article throwing cold water on using an attorney to appeal one's Cook County property tax assessment. One small wrinkle in the story she forgot to mention: Her own attempt to secure a reduction failed. 

Property owners in the South and Western suburbs of Chicago are facing a major property tax hike on their 2023 bills.

Shocking new analysis reveals how your ever-increasing Illinois and Cook County property taxes literally buy you nothing. 

Months before the market sale, the County had its analysts preparing its own opinion of value, for tax purposes, of the Hilton Rosemont. The disparity is eye-opening.

The long overdue Second Installment Cook County property tax bills will be issued online by Tuesday and arrive in the mail by Dec. 1, according to the Treasurer's Office. 

The long, long overdue Second Installment 2021 property tax bill appears to have received an estimated issuance date, with 2023 fast approaching.

Residential property values show average increases of 30 percent or better since the Assessor first took his pen to Northern Cook County assessments last month.